Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eternal Valentine

Whenever someone placed in front of me, the very inevitable topic of destiny,
I would dismissively put it aside, reaffirming that it was just not my line of thinking

Oh but why does life have its way of thrusting it’s immenseness on me?
When I thought all was lost, I started seeing a flicker of hope in the densest forests

Having led a life where everything was distinguished as black and white
I began venturing into grey areas that just kept on getting darker

Trying to find some bread for my soul, I ended up feeding the fear instead
Reaching for something higher only ended up speeding my descent into oblivion

It took not one, but two attempts to break the vicious cycle I had confined myself to
When I was finally free, I decided to restart with a fresh outlook of transparency

The burden feeling substantially lighter I decided to delve into deeper questions
Why this and why now? Was this is a test I had to endure for eternity?
Was this is redemption for my past misgivings or was it just life calling out to me?

What this was I could not begin to describe
All I knew was that I had found my match

The dew to my mornings, the burning flame to my nights
I had found the one who completed me, the one who would take me all the way

Oh sweet love, let thy mystical spark always be alive
The passion that you have reignited, may it never die

Because there is one thing if nothing else, that I have realised
There is hope for the bitter rest of us
There is life beyond despair
There is pleasure beyond pain

This I have realised alas!
And now all I ask of you is,

Be mine forever and for always, my eternal valentine
And I shall be here just as always…

-Your eternal valentine

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Chosen One

Pieces of Paper bearing my name certify my existence
But as I walk down the road won’t they get blown away?

A mistaken identity is what I have lived with all this long
The charred remains of which I have left behind
Belief in the almighty was never my style of song
Now I kneel down and look above at the celestial sky

A carefree presence with no footprints in the sand
Time and again I look at the girl down the lane
A reflection which makes me run away in dismay

O how I yearn for the past of peaches and creams
Will I ever get a new tune that I can sing to the trees?

The void in my vessel is but barely fulfilled by thee
What I need is a new me, for you and me

Chiding you was a lost cause,
It was the devil’s workshop that I had begun
I will have to lift myself from the fire
And not give in to this cruel burning desire

Oh why me, I ask again
But then I feel why not me
I am after all your protégé
I am your conquest
I am The Chosen One

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Romancing the devil

Playing with the flames as I walk on hot coals
I am romancing the Devil
I am calling him to me

The creatures of the night flee at his sight
The eerie calm running chills down my spine

I see sparks streaming across the sky
An admonition of sorts that I cannot ignore
I plunge further into the darkness, oh I wonder why
A pain searing through my chest, going to my core

‘Walk on silly child’, I reprimand myself
‘You have no place but here to call home’

A sense of no return drifts through me
I don’t see him but feel him caressing me

I embrace the cold, I embrace the darkness
I embrace its curse in utter duress
I am romancing the Devil
The Devil inside me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Malay Tryst

The magical three- Tall, dark, handsome
Got personified by his presence
The day I had my Malay Tryst…

I was immersed in a contemptuous world of my own
Until he woke me to a paradise
A light piercing through the shadows of my past
His calmness soothing my spirit and mind

A glaring voice resonated in my head
“Take my hand and let me free your soul
Let me take you to a place where the flowers are galore
An untamed adventure to the farthest lands
Rise sweet girl, rise above yourself”

I was possessed, like a child running towards the swing
A quest I had etched out on the palm of my hand

I was reaching out to the mystery he exuded
But all I could see was the twinkle in his eyes

A new hope was born, I sprang back to life
I had finally found the yin of my yang
But just as soon as he had come, he vanished
Leaving me pining for the scent of his body

My secret guide,my secret life
With whom my Malay tryst died.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


As I walk by the familiar place, I stop to think
And watch moments pass away in disarray

Plagued by the demons of the past and the dread of tomorrow
I failingly try to hold on to the sand in my fist

Whatever is done cannot be undone
And the light at the end of the tunnel is nothing but a speck

The feeling of being at home is simply a memory
I try to build a bigger and better place for you and me

I hear a faint voice beckoning me
“The skeletons belong in the closet,
The future is just an illusion.
So don’t leap don’t dive,
Just Glide”

Friday, June 24, 2011

Second Fiddle

I wasn’t second fiddle to anybody, yet I got played
With no one to fault, it was planned, a self infliction

I envy the unknown, the mystical being
Conspiring against the enemy, trying to find a purpose
Mending my ways towards a place I can find some peace of mind

I know not myself, don’t remember the girl of yesteryears
Have I reached a different phase or is it just a full circle?

I walk around trying to search for my soul
Is it something I left back somehow somewhere long ago?

And what is this fight for, a noble conquest or simply short sightedness?

Maybe this enemy is really just an ally
A mask I placed over my own fears
A blissfully unaware soul

So what am I fighting for and against?
I am the enemy
I am the conspirator
I am the Trojan horse


You seem to fulfill me, yet there is a void
I question not you but to the empty spaces in my room

A chance meeting or so it seemed
I search for a pattern in this web called destiny

You seem to illuminate my world, yet there is a blur
I tread along paths searching for an answer but none which lead up to you

A secret fling it seemed like, an unspoken arrangement
A careless gush of wind, an unrestricted bond

Still an insidious alliance lurks in the shadows
An eruption of sorts that will soon show its dreadful face

I drown myself in contemplation, meanwhile.